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Selling your company, doing an acquisition, going to the next level, or raising capital all require nearly the same preparation and processes.  In our experience in doing it for ourselves and then with our clients, emerging growth and middle-market companies need more than bankers or consultants with transaction experience to be successful without foregoing significant shareholder value while increasing the odds of completing successful transitions.  Many times, being strategically and operationaly prepared make the difference between a successful and failed move.

High Rock Partners has the unique mix of experience, talent, skills and tools to support your company in pursuing strategic initiatives the right way with the confidence of getting them done.   Our teams are led  by senior exectuvies that can view your business from both sides of the table: as an operator (because we’ve been there growing and selling our own companies) and from the capital markets perspective….then rollup our sleeves to support your team in proactively preparing and executing on your plans.

Our success is measured by your success. For many clients, we bridge the internal capabilities gap as they move to the next level, pursue a strategic opportunity or overcome a major challenge by providing a mix of proven operating experience, investment banking expertise, and consulting disciplines and knowledge. This mix of skills provides what one of our clients refers to as “Success Insurance™“.  We augment and support your team, not just to provide skills and experience, but (when appropriate) to educate and institutionalize knowledge within your company.  When it makes sense, we seek to strengthen your in-house team and enhance credibility and capacity.

High Rock Partners is a strategic resource, an objective unbiased eye, and a confidential sounding board.

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