Shareholder Transitions, Liquidity & Divestitures

How do you get the best deal for yourself and your shareholders ….AND at the same time take care of your committed employees, partners, customers and stakeholders?  Maybe you have been approached to sell your company (or a part of it) and you want to optimize the value for you and your team?

At some time in the life of all private businesses, as owners, we must think about how our company fits into our investments.  For many of us, this ownership represents our biggest investment financially, biggest investment in mindshare and greatest investment of time.

In today’s market, there are numerous alternatives to transition out of your business or create financial liquidity. Below we have assembled information and resources to help you think about your options, and to share some of our experiences and process in helping others achieve their objectives.



The Transition Accelerator™ is our proven service for developing and implementing Exit & Liquidity alternatives. The section below titled "Approach" provides details.

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In today’s economic environment, to successfully sell or recapitalize your business, owners of emerging growth and middle-market companies need more than bankers, brokers or consultants to get the value they want from their business. Being strategically and operationally prepared can make the difference between a successful company sale and not getting a deal done at all.

High Rock Partners has the unique mix of experience, talent, skills and tools to help you determine the real exit alternatives and do it the right way. Our team is led by a senior executive that can view your business from both sides of the table: as an operator (because we've been there growing and selling our own companies) and from the capital markets perspective. ...then roll-up our sleeves to support your team in proactively preparing and executing on your plans.

Example Deal Types

  • Generational transition / sale
  • Management buyout
  • Sale to a strategic partner
  • Buyout a partner / minority shareholder
  • Sale to a private equity group
  • Recapitalization
  • Merger
  • Divestiture

One difference between our firm and traditional brokers & bankers - our principals have been in your shoes ...we have owned, operated and sold multiple businesses AND we have advised and led preparation and liquidity events for our clients. We can do this for you.


The graph below illustrates (at a very high level) the big steps in the process of selling all or part of a business. We couple this with our strategy tools to form the Transition Accelerator™ framework. Using the base approach, we tailor the steps for each client assignment based on the specific goals and desired outcomes.

transition process

Embedded in the steps below are key steps to:

  • Clarify objectives, and explore exit and liquidity alternatives
  • Determine the likely range of values of the company in a transaction
  • Provide recommended areas for improvement or preparation to increase value and the likelihood of close
  • Provide a strategy to meet objectives


ueg-sm has been acquired by 2we HIGH ROCK PARTNERS, INC provided strategic & financial advisory services to United Engineering Group, Inc. in connection with the sale above    

United Engineering Group, Inc

Strategy Exits

FeatureTel-logo-PChas been acquired by


HIGH ROCK PARTNERS, Inc. provided strategic & financial advisory services to FeatureTel, LLC in connection with the sale above


Strategy Exits

Alpheon-200pxhas been acquired by


HIGH ROCK PARTNERS, Inc. provided strategic & financial advisory services to Alpheon in preparing for and negotiating the sale above


Strategy Exits

nstar-logohas been acquired by


HIGH ROCK PARTNERS, Inc. provided strategic & financial advisory services to NSTAR in conjunction with the sale above


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United Engineering Group Inc.

"High Rock Partners was instrumental in helping United Engineering Group structure a deal to sell our 63 year old company. When United approached High Rock Partners, we had an interested buyer, but needed a partner to help us with the complexities inherent in structuring a deal that would satisfy a multifaceted group of owners with diverse interest. We also had a very tight time frame and needed to go from offer to closing in a matter of less than 3 months, a schedule driven by concerns of the negative tax consequences of the then impending “fiscal cliff” which would have severely impeded the deal moving forward had we not been able to close in 2012. Ken Marks’ skills and experience in structuring mergers and acquisitions became very apparent as he worked very effectively with our buyer, accountants, and lawyers to increase the value of the deal by maximizing the value of our assets and minimizing the tax consequences. This created a deal that was able to gain the support of our stock holders, stake holders and of our buyer. Ken’s expertise, his dedication, availability nights and weekends helped us achieve our goals. Ken became not only a valued consultant, but a friend whose values and integrity provided a reliable compass for the many decisions that I had to make as Chairman of our company."

Roger Woods, Chairman, United Engineering Group Inc.


Precision BioSciences, Inc.

"Precision BioSciences engaged Kenneth Marks and Buddy Howard of High Rock Partners in 2012 to provide the Company with transaction advice and an analysis of Precision’s business development strategy and tactics. Kenneth and Buddy were both incredibly responsive to the Company’s requests, seemingly available at all hours to provide Precision with timely advice and support. High Rock’s efforts pushed our management team to think critically about our existing growth strategy and helped us to evaluate alternative paths forward. In the end, we found that what really set High Rock Partners above the rest is their steadfast focus on meeting our Company’s goals not simply on closing a transaction. I would look forward to working with them again."

Matthew Kane, Co-Founder & CEO, Precision BioSciences, Inc.

Strategy Exits

Kendall Todd, Inc.

"I've closed two corporate sales that relied on Ken's strategic thinking around  liquidity, licensing, and deal structure – he’s able to see all sides of the transaction.  That ability created confidence in the buyers and the sellers; transforming fear into focused thinking, communication and action which resulted in a win/win liquidity event for our investors." 

Todd Ballenger, Founder & CEO, Kendall Todd, Inc.


Alpheon Corporation

"Alpheon Corporation engaged Kenneth Marks of High Rock Partners in the spring of 2010 to provide a comprehensive review of our organization, develop strategic direction options, and assistance in the development of our growth plans. Within a short timeframe, Kenneth effectively demonstrated value by leveraging his professional knowledge, experience and proven methodologies by developing a plan for us to grow and excel. During the engagement, Alpheon was approached by mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc. for a potential acquisition. Kenneth proved invaluable throughout the acquisition negotiation and transaction as a management consultant and trusted advisor. He performed a vital role by contributing leadership, representation on our behalf, and market perspective throughout each step of the acquisition process. His leadership provided us with a higher valuation for the company and a seemingly easy transaction experience. We would highly recommend Kenneth Marks and the HRP team."

Greg Donovan & David Sturdivant, Co-Founders, Alpheon Corporation

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