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American Support

"American Support engaged High Rock Partners as strategic and corporate finance advisors to assist in the process of acquiring Evergreen Sales & Marketing. Kenneth Marks and his team helped us understand the likely sources and alternative deal structures, and to prepare our financial outlook in a format that would be understood by the various lending institutions being pursued to finance the acquisition and fund working capital. The High Rock Partners team adapted the analysis to accommodate the requests of the lenders and helped us understand the impact and outcomes of the credit facilities being presented to us; offering real world perspective on what was "market" and the relative benefits and risks. Once we selected the lending institutions, the High Rock team stayed involved during the due diligence process to provide guidance and support. We enjoy working with High Rock Partners and would highly recommend them." 

Matthew Zemon, CEO, American Support

Acquisitions Financing

Bob Barker Company

"Sonny played a vital role in the acquisition process...he created the greatest value in this deal, not in the traditional role of investment banker, but right where most investment bankers leave off—now that you have made this major acquisition, what do you do with it to create lasting value? Sonny served as a consultant and strategic advisor in how to go about integrating these businesses and realizing our anticipated synergies as well as creating alignment...he has helped us create a tremendous amount of value in our organization, doubling our net income year over year and increasing our EBITDA by more than 50%. Sonny’s extensive M&A experience as a CEO was a godsend....he helped me navigate the choppy waters of change and assured we were focusing on the right things in the integration while avoiding major missteps with customers, employees, vendors, and board members. He is one of the greatest strategic thinkers I have ever encountered ....his passion for success and his sheer desire for our company to win as a team are both inspiring and convicting of what a true leader is. Sonny’s selfless devotion to our company and its success has always been his singular focus, even to the detriment of his own personal well being at times. If you have the opportunity to work with Sonny Williams, do not let it pass you by; he has been a true pleasure to work with."

Robert Barker, President, Bob Barker Company


ASG, Inc.

"Ken Marks is an extremely knowledgeable expert in the field of Entrepreneurship. Ken's company High Rock Partners has helped ASG grow and become a more efficient company that is considered a better place to work by its employees. Ken has extensive knowledge in management, finance, and business development. I highly recommend Ken for any company who needs outside assistance to take their business to the next level." 

Jim Baker, President, ASG, Inc.

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