High Rock Partners is a boutique firm of strategic and M&A advisors serving leaders of emerging growth and middle market companies …to make key strategic decisions; navigate and execute on transitions of ownership; accelerate growth to the next level; or to reposition the company. We use a unique and proven blend of experiences and tools in strategy, mergers & acquisitions, financing and deals coupled with leadership and creative solutions to achieve your desired outcome.

“Our Mission is to be the go-to advisors for M&A projects and strategic problem solving for the shareholders of emerging growth and middle-market companies.”

With our focus on long-term client relationships, we look for a match in key facets of your business and ours. We invest valuable time, intellectual capital, long-standing relationships and money; it’s important that we choose our clients well (and visa-versa). Below are many of the elements that we scrutinize when evaluating a potential client relationship, and we hope you’ll do the same when seeking a trusted advisor:

  • Values & Philosophy (see below)
  • Management
  • Opportunity for us to add significant value
  • Leverages our core strengths, network and relationships
  • Opportunity for us to be successful
  • Company stage
  • Industry & market

In partnership with HRP, company leaders can leverage our global operating, corporate finance and transaction experience. As value creators we provide both the leadership and tactical support to assist companies in developing, implementing, and executing integrated solutions to their strategic needs and opportunities.




It’s important how we conduct ourselves, who we do business with, and why we enter into client engagements. Below is a list of core values that drive our decisions and actions:


We believe that the following factors are critical to our firm’s long-term success and prosperity:

  • Accept engagements that we assess to have a high probability of successful completion.
  • Accept engagements with clients that we would personally invest in.
  • Accept engagements that add value to our practice and have financial reward.
  • Always make decisions for the good of the client; not the practice.
  • Take the high road, always!
  • Be willing to take a bullet for our client’s best interest.
  • Call out our mistakes and diminish our successes.
  • Fairness, openness, integrity, and humbleness.
  • Tell the client the truth and the facts, even when it hurts or may cost the relationship.
  • Maintain life balance.
  • Do our homework and be prepared.
  • Be responsive and attentive to client needs.
  • Do what you say and say what you mean.
  • Client success.
  • Performance & results.
  • Strong relationships.
  • Recognized technical competence.
  • Contemporary knowledge & base of information.
  • Strong client and resource referrals.
  • Contemporary network of resources, investors, lenders, & go-to advisors.
  • Consistent flow of quality deals & opportunities.
  • Capable & effective team.
  • Institutionalized processes & standards to assure quality & consistency.
  • Base of assessment & analysis tools to allow quick & accurate diagnosis of client situations.



High Rock Partners was honored as Client Advisor Awards Finalist based on its commitment and performance to customer service and results

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Our Mission

....to be the go-to advisors for M&A projects and strategic problem solving for the shareholders of emerging growth and middle-market companies

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